Registration is open for the next session of infant & toddler family music classes! Classes will meet on

Thursdays @ 9am, 10am and 12pm

Sundays @ 3pm

This session will start on April 7th & 11th and will run for 9 weeks. Be sure to check the Centex Music Calendar to see the full session dates!

Families can register for all 9 weeks of the session or choose to 6-weeks or 3-weeks (does not have to be consecutive). Drop-ins are available anytime throughout a session.

 Check the registration & pricing page to pay for a drop-in!


The class structure is made up of about 9 sections of activities that happen in every class. Songs are repeated multiple times in a class and over the course of the session to build familiarity and help the child to be confident in their musical responses. 

While this is a child's class, it is also meant for the grown ups to learn new songs, activities and games that they can do at home with their children. 

Sometimes, children are unresponsive or uninterested during a class but will demonstrate the songs and activities at home on their own. This is extremely common! 

All classes are kept small so that every child and family can have a meaningful experience during class.