The current session of infant & toddler classes meets at these times:

Thursdays @ 9am

Thursdays @ 10am

Fridays @ 9am

Sunday @ 2pm


The Good Neighbor House

2301 Colcord Avenue

First Steps in Music classes have three options for attending

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Drop in class for one child

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Drop in class for two children

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General Class Info

Every class is 45 minutes long and starts with a 10-15 minute instrument exploration and free play. We move a lot during the class so dressing comfortably is recommended and shoes are optional. 

If you attend class at The Good Neighbor you will enter through the backyard gate and use the door on the back porch

 More about the curriculum used:

The First Steps in Music to prepare children to become musical in three ways:

All adults should be tuneful, beatful and artful so they can participate in the music that is interwoven throughout our lives. 

Adults who are tuneful can sing lullabies to their babies, sing “Happy Birthday” to their children and friends, sing in worship services, and join others in singing ceremonial songs like alma maters or heritage favorites. 

Adults who are beatful can rock on the beat while singing that lullaby, can dance at their wedding or their friend’s wedding, and can clap their hands in time with others at a sporting event. 

Adults who are artful are moved by music and seek out venues to share artful experiences with others in concert halls, in community bands and choirs or listening to music on the radio. Artful adults enjoy being moved by music.

Children who learn to be tuneful, beatful and artful before they leave elementary school will grow to be adults who can benefit from what music can offer. Those that go on to sing in choirs or play an instrument will do so in a more musical manner. Those that do not choose to later sing in choirs or play an instrument will still be enriched by being able to share music in their daily lives.

The First Steps in Music curriculum is a musical workout that grows tuneful, beatful and artful individuals.